~ Customized Photo Slide Shows (for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries or any occasion)

~ Video Mashup (Glimpses of any event compiled into a short videoclip)

~ Advertisements (Explaining your product in a short video)

~ Wedding Video Invitation (Whatsap e-invite)

~ Themed Audio Game – (Customized Audio for any Theme Party)

~ Birthday Banners / Display Pictures / Mag your pic



WEDDING SLIDESHOWS – before and after

One of the most memorable days in life is a wedding day. The day represents the beginning of a journey for two people as one. A wedding video slideshow is a way to celebrate the newly married couple and entertain their guests at the reception. With many aspects of the wedding to be planned, slideshow production can be delegated if the bride and groom desire.

Wedding photo slideshow is a great way to display both your growing up photos, dating time, family memories and wedding ceremony photos. Wedding slide show is more and more popular these years. You can enjoy watching in on TV or play it for the occasion. Sunehri Yaadein uses a wide selection of  photos to make a creative slideshow accompanying audio soundtrack that will complement the video style.


Celebrating an Anniversary is an excellent reason to take a trip down memory lane, and a personalized slideshow can be entertaining as well as memorable. Most couples have a lot of photos; in fact, it can be difficult to choose which pictures to display. Sunehri Yaadein gives your slideshow a theme and this helps narrow down the options and creates something that the couple can cherish for a lifetime.


Birthday slideshows showing how the person has grown and changed over the years are great ways to celebrate a birthday.


Vacations and family reunions are special keepsakes that can be viewed repeatedly. The shows can also be uploaded to a website where they can be shared and viewed online by others.


Holidays are great opportunities to capture family and friends in more relaxed moments. Pictures from past events combined with specific holiday images and music make great shows and gifts.



Gift someone their picture on the front of any magazine cover framed. Sunehri Yaadein makes one feel like a celebrity, the bold and the beautiful, the rich and the famous. To view a sample, check out the Gallery page.



In today’s world, where people find it difficult to distribute invitation cards for any occasion. Sunehri Yaadein makes e-invitations which you can forward by email or upload it on facebook/youtube. This is a Customized Video that includes few pics of the bride and groom, wedding venue, dates of the occasions and brief information or intro about the couple.



Make personalized calendar for any occasion. Share your experiences and preserve your memories for years to come. To view a sample, check out the Gallery page.


Customized gifts are our specialty. We also undertake overseas orders.